Who is Art Rude?

Art is a former college math teacher and a family man through and through. As a father and grandfather, he’s always been concerned with keeping his loved ones safe from any disaster we may face in America. 

He believes we are all much more vulnerable today, compared to previous generations, especially when it comes to our food.  

In the old days people grew most of what they ate in the backyard as vegetables or raised chickens and other small animals around the house. Some even had a cow for milk and cheese. 

Most importantly, our grandparents knew how preserve the food they grew by turning it into superfoods that would last for months or even years without electricity in their pantries and root-cellars. 

But the skills and recipes needed to make these survival superfoods are all but forgotten. Most of today rely on supermarkets for our every meal, oblivious to the fact that if they ever get looted or the Grid fails, we’ll have no way left to provide food for our families.  

Art’s Dad Leading a parade at age 86

Art’s father, who recently passed away at the age of 93, taught him a lot of things our grandparents knew and we need to remember. 

He also instilled in Art a burning curiosity for how the world works and a desire to help his fellow man. 

For most of his life Art Senior was involved in the local community, leading public events and helping others overcome hardship and adversity. That trait was passed on to his son.

The original "Mr.Rude"

Before he went to the Lord his father asked Art for one final thing: to help him restore the lost survival knowledge of previous generations.  

While his death devastated Art, it also made him realize that a big part of his father’s survival knowledge and skills would vanish with him. And how many more just like him are out there in the world? 

That question is what started a life-long passion for Art, one which would take up almost any spare time he had left away from the classroom and day to day family obligations.

Dad's Last Birthday

Through his study of Wild West and World History as well as keeping in close contact with survival experts from all over the world Art Rude was finally able to save the most powerful foods that we’ve lost to history inside one unique book. He called it The Lost Super Foods.

Childhood and Early Years

Art in his senior year of high-school

Ever since his teen years Art’s inquisitive mind would not stop questioning how the world around works. That often got him into trouble with authority but later it also helped him discovered what would become his life-long passion – mathematics.

Art with his mother and father

You could say algebra runs in the Rude family. Art’s father was also a math teacher with over 43 years of classroom. The old man’s wealth of knowledge and solid family values have provided a map for young Art to follow as he forged his own way in life. In 1983 Art started a family of his own when he married Grace Ely Bush from northern Minnesota. They have 4 children, Ben, Brandon, Hannah, and Nicole. Today, a lot of Art’s time and great enjoyment comes from “schooling” his grandkids about the old ways of our forefathers.

Teaching Math 

Art is retired now but throughout his over three-decade long teaching career he taught countless students not only how to do calculus but most importantly how to succeed in life. 

“I’ve always been more concerned about the skills not being taught”, is something people who know Art personally have often heard him say. 

Teaching singing classes

 Until his retirement Art Rude was an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics at Bismarck State College in North Dakota. He taught secondary education for 22 years before making the jump to post-secondary. 

 All the while he taught high school, he lived the “farming life” on his family’s ranch just south of the Canadian border, preserving everything he grew as the lost foods his father taught him and others he discovered on his own. 

Selfie time!

Over the years Art built himself an impressive survival pantry with just the little he could afford to spare out of his assistant professor’s salary. 

Now, he is sure that whatever happens he’ll have enough good food to make sure his large family will never have to go to bed with a growling stomach.  

The family came to visit

Art the Artist

Art's first lead in a band

Besides studying lost foods and teaching math as a full-time job Art has had an ear for music for as long as he can remember. 

He’s very much into making country style tunes, like the cowboys used to sing alone out on the wild prairie at night, with nothing but an old guitar and the roaring fire to keep them company. 

Art sang lead in several area bands over the years, and has performed as a solo act for 15 years. Art even recorded a CD called “Rude Beginnings” which is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. 

His very special relationship with music has him performing at live events for his community and traveling great distances to see his favorite artists perform. Art never passes up the chance to bring a smile on everyone’s face. He’s just that kind of guy who knows that in good times and bad we need music and good humor to lift our spirits and celebrate life.  

Off Grid Life

Ever since his retirement a few years back Art decided to move back on his old family farm in North Dakota. There he picked up skills he had not practiced for many years, like building a log cabin, and he also started to dedicate more and more time to making and saving and the lost foods of our grandparents.  

When his family comes visit Art is said to offer a completely different menu every time, all from his personal stockpile which he rotates throughout the year. 

On most days Art is out hunting or foraging and anyone who knows him well can tell you Art is trying, best he can, to replicate the self-sufficient lifestyle that built America from the ground up.  

It's a life he steers with his own two hands, independent of grocery chains, pharmacies and big government regulation. A life of little hassle and enduring peace, at the outskirts of civilization where as Art likes to put it “40 below keeps the riff-raff away”.  

The peace and solitude he’s enjoyed there have been put to good use and Art was finally able to publish The Lost Super Foods and save the lost recipes and survival food knowledge of our forefathers for future generations.

You can find The Lost Super Foods book here